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Are you looking for flats / apartments in Croatia? Panorama Scouting is your partner on the way to own an apartments in Croatia. The Panorama Scouting concept means that we offer you exclusively apartments and flats with sea view! You want us to conduct a search for the apartments of your dreams with our partners in Croatia? Please contact us! Apartments and flats in all price classes.
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Last updated: 02-26-2024

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Panoramic sea views - Panorama Scouting A3118 Spacious terrace with sea views - Real Estate Croatia Living room with access to the terrace and sea views
A3118 | Rijeka, Kvarner Bay: Modern Apartment with Beautiful Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 152 m² | Sea view: Yes660.000 €

Buy an apartment in Croatia - Panorama Scouting A3004 on the island of Pag, Kvarner Bay. Sea view from the terrace of property A3004 in Croatia - Panorama Scouting. Air-conditioned living area of ​​apartment A3004 in Croatia.
A3004 | Vidalici, Island of Pag: Apartment with a Beautiful Sea View
Living Area: approx. 75 m² | Sea view: Yes199.900 €

Marina in Croatia with a variety of boats and yachts under a bright blue sky - buy an apartment with a sea view in Croatia. Panorama Scouting Modernly equipped kitchenette with bar stools and a freshly prepared meal in an apartment in Croatia – Real Estate Croatia. Cozy dining area with a round table and a view of a marina through a large window in a Croatian apartment - Buy a living space in Croatia.
A3170 | Porec Region, Istria: Apartment in the first Row to the Sea
Living Area: approx. 68 m² | Sea view: Yes311.500 €

Modern penthouse with sea views - Panorama Scouting - A3117 High-quality apartment with a large terrace - Real Estate Croatia Penthouse with garage and outdoor parking space, Korcula Island - A3117
A3117 | Korcula Island, Vrbovica: Modern Penthouse with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 120 m² | Sea view: Yes440.000 €

Apartment with a fantastic view of Dubrovnik and the sea - Panorama Scouting Well-kept apartment with a view of the sea - Real Estate Croatia Apartment with balcony - A3115
A3115 | Dubrovnik, South Dalmatia: Apartment with a fantastic View
Living Area: approx. 130 m² | Sea view: Yes874.030 €

Modern apartments with balconies and sea views in Maslenica, A3032 High quality furnished apartments in North Dalmatia - Panorama Scouting Apartments with two parking spaces each in Maslenica
A3032 | Maslenica: High-Quality new Apartments with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 65 m² | Sea view: Yes195.500 €

Well-kept apartment with sea views - Panorama Scouting A3113 Furnished apartment with two balconies Well-designed apartment with sea views in Selce
A3113 | Selce, Kvarner Bay: Apartment with Panoramic Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 56 m² | Sea view: Yes280.000 €

Apartments with sea view - A3114 Panorama Scouting Well-kept apartments with great views in Porec - Real Estate Croatia Beautiful residential building with well-kept apartments with a communal pool
A3114 | Porec Region: High-quality Apartments with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 86 m² | Sea view: Yes343.280 €

Real Estate Island of Krk - Panorama Scouting A3109, Malinska. Air-conditioned living room with TV and dining area, as well as a kitchenette. Dining area.
A3109 | Malinska, Krk Island: Furnished Studio on the Harbor Promenade
Living Area: approx. 28 m² | Sea view: Yes120.000 €

Co-ownership of real estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting A2895. Buy co-ownership share in real estate in Croatia - Panorama Scouting GmbH. Buy sea view real estate in Croatia as co-ownership.
A2895 | Zadar Region, Dalmatia: Co-ownership of a Luxury Apartment
Living Area: approx. 119 m² | Sea view: Yes90.000 €

Newly built apartments in Novalja, Island of Pag - Panorama Scouting - A3108 High quality and modern apartments with sea views Apartments with terrace and parking space in Novalja
A3108 | Novalja, Island of Pag: Eight new Apartments with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 48 m² | Sea view: Yes157.000 €

Newly built apartments with sea views in Croatia - A3105 Real estate agents for Croatia - Panorama Scouting - Apartments in Novalja with sea views Apartments with 2 parking spaces in Novalja, island of Pag
A3105 | Novalja, Island of Pag: Newly Built Apartments with Sea View
Living Area: approx. 67 m² | Sea view: Yes237.020 €

Apartment with sea view in Croatia - A3106 - Panorama Scouting Loggia with sea view - Real Estate Croatia Real estate agents for Croatia - Panorama Scouting
A3106 | Stara Novalja, Island of Pag: Mezzanine Apartment close to the Sea
Living Area: approx. 65 m² | Sea view: Yes213.000 €

Real estate with sea view Croatia - Panorama Scouting. Buy apartment near the sea - Panorama Scouting A2768, Privlaka. Apartment in Privlaka near Zadar for sale - Panorama Scouting real estate agent.
A2768 | Privlaka, Zadar Area: Apartment on 3 Floors / Terraced House
Living Area: approx. 139 m² | Sea view: Yes375.000 €

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