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Are you looking for flats / apartments in Croatia? Panorama Scouting is your partner on the way to own an apartments in Croatia. The Panorama Scouting concept means that we offer you exclusively apartments and flats with sea view! You want us to conduct a search for the apartments of your dreams with our partners in Croatia? Please contact us! Apartments and flats in all price classes.
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Last updated: 06-13-2024

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A3195 | Dramalj, Kvarner Bay: Ground Floor Apartment with Garden and Sea View
Living Area: approx. 51 m² | Sea view: Yes167.000 €
  • Living Area: approx. 51 m²
  • Sea View: Yes
  • Status: Recently Sold
  • » Sold

Apartments buy island Murter Croatia. Real estate on island Murter in Croatia for sale. Apartments in a new building complex on the island Murter in Croatia.
A1285 | Island Murter, Dalmatia: New Apartments near the Beach
Living Area: approx. 60 m² | Sea view: Yes

Luxury apartment with swimming pool and sea view in Istria, Porec Aerial view of the communal pool at a luxury property in Istria Evening lighting of luxury apartments with pool in Istria
A3184 | Porec, Istria: Luxurious Apartment with Pool and Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 163 m² | Sea view: Yes750.000 €

Modern apartment building as a property in Croatia with large windows and a green garden Design-oriented exterior view of a property in Croatia with a well-kept garden and a luxury car in the foreground Unfinished roof terrace of a new building, future property in Croatia with sea views
A3196 | Kostrena, Kvarner Bay: Luxurious Apartment with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 112 m² | Sea view: Yes

Sea view from the terrace of the Croatian coastal property Coastline view of seaside property in Croatia Terrace of the property with sea views in Croatia
A3197 | Novi Vindolski Region: Apartment with Fantastic Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 65 m² | Sea view: Yes425.000 €

Real Estate Croatia: Charming house in Tisno overlooking the Adriatic Sea Luxury villa for sale, real estate Croatia, modern architecture in Tisno Real Estate Croatia: Traditional stone house in the old town of Tisno
A3190 | Tisno, Dalmatia: Duplex Apartment with Panoramic Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 95 m² | Sea view: Yes450.000 €

Sea views from a new apartment in Tisno, ideal for buying in Croatia View from an apartment under construction, near the sea for sale in Tisno, Croatia Newly built apartment in Tisno with sea views, attractive real estate in Croatia
A3192 | Tisno, Dalmatia: Luxurious Apartment on Two Floors
Living Area: approx. 88 m² | Sea view: Yes440.000 €

Buy an apartment in Croatia: Shell of a maisonette apartment in Tisno Buy an apartment in Croatia: Two-story new apartment under construction in Tisno Buy an apartment in Croatia: Living close to the beach in Tisno with clear skies
A3191 | Tisno, Dalmatia: New Ground Floor Apartment near the Sea
Living Area: approx. 56 m² | Sea view: Yes300.000 €

Bright attic apartment with sea views for sale in Istria View of the sea and green landscape from the apartment in Istria Cozy terrace of a penthouse in Istria with a view of the sea
A3182 | Porec, Istria: Furnished Top Floor Apartment with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 48 m² | Sea view: Yes225.000 €

Luxury apartment in Istria with modern building and swimming pool, sun loungers and well-kept garden Bright living room of a luxury apartment in Istria with a large window to the garden and stylish furnishings Spacious living and dining area in Istria luxury apartment with open kitchen and modern design
A3183 | Porec, Istria: Luxurious Duplex Apartment with Sea Views and Pool
Living Area: approx. 212 m² | Sea view: Yes950.000 €

Roof terrace of an apartment in Porec with a view of the sea and the surrounding area, real estate Porec Modern white residential complex in Porec with terraces and green areas, offered properties in Istria Empty bright living room with large French windows and tiled floor, real estate offer in Porec
A3189 | Porec Area, Istria: Apartment with Roof terrace and Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 84 m² | Sea view: Yes350.000 €

View of the idyllic landscape of Istria with the sea in the background, seen from a luxury apartment Bright room under renovation with ladder and painting supplies, part of a luxury property in Istria. Small room with a window overlooking historical buildings in an exclusive apartment in Istria
A3188 | Porec, Istria: High-Quality Apartment with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 74 m² | Sea view: Yes299.000 €

Covered terrace of an apartment with sea views in Crikvenica, Real Estate Crikvenica Living room with integrated kitchen and dining area in a renovated apartment in Crikvenica Living room with access to the terrace and views of the sea in Crikvenica
A3112 | Crikvenica: Apartment with Panoramic Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 66 m² | Sea view: Yes299.000 €

Morning view of a contemporary property in Croatia with a view of green treetops. View from a property in Croatia of a harbor with boats and traditional buildings in the background. Cozy terrace of a property in Croatia with wooden furniture and a green wall.
A3179 | Jezera, Island of Murter: New Apartment on 2 Floors with Garden
Living Area: approx. 153 m² | Sea view: Yes478.000 €

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