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Real Estate Croatia - would you like to wake up in the morning with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the silhouettes of the coast line? Croatia Real Estate - you want to buy a house, a villa, an apartment, or a land plot? We offer properties in Croatia in all price ranges on the entire coastline - all properties with sea view! We only show a selection of our properties here - for about 1400 properties in Croatia please follow this link:

  • Real Estate for sale in Croatia - Panorama Scouting
    Zadar Region, Dalmatia, from 133,312 EUR
  • Seafront Real Estate for sale in Croatia - Panorama Scouting
    Kvarner Bay, 485,000 EUR
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Houses and Villas

Houses and Villas for sale with sea view and directly on the seafront!
We offer houses and villas in Croatia in all price ranges.

Properties in Croatia

We are looking for properties in Croatia according to your wishes!
We find properties according to your wihses in Istria and Dalmatia!

Apartments and Flats

Flats and apartments  for sale with sea views at the Croatian coast line.
Attractive apartments along the croatian coast for sale.

Panorama Scouting | Real Estate Croatia offers you...

» Real Estate in Croatia with sea view - all properties in our offer have sea view - many of them real panoramic view,
» Seafront properties in Croatia in attractive locations at the Croatian coastline,

» Real Estate Croatia:  in Istria, Kvarner Bay, Central-Dalmatia,
» Houses, Villas, Flats, Apartments and Land Plots in all price ranges,

... our Scouting-service, which means that we are actively searching properties for you in all areas of Croatia. Only if you buy the property found by us, we will charge the regular broker's comission of 3 % + VAT - if we don't find a property for you - our service is for free.

Real Estate in Croatia on the seafront or with sea views -  the concept of Panorama Scouting

Panorama Scouting searches properties in Croatia according to your specifications in all regions of Istria, Dalmatia and Kvarner Bay. On our website we only offer properties directly on the seafront and / or with sea view. We just show here a selection of attractive properties, however we have access to an enourmous pool of real estate in Croatia.

We crawl this "pool of properties in Croatia" according to your criteria and try to find a properties that match your criteria. Of course we will not charge you an extra fee for our search services.
You only pay the regular brokers comission once we have found the right property for you and you have signed the purchase contract with the seller of the house.

We find properties in Croatia according to your wishes!

Sea view or seafront property - is not that important for you? Contact us - of course we have a number of properties also without sea view on our sleeve, we just do not publish them here on the website.
We will try to find something suitable for you!

Why buying real estate in Croatia?

What are good reasons for buying a property in Croatia?

Croatia is an open-minded small country, with a population of almost 5 million mostly very welcoming tourists and foreign real estate owners. In addition to a very attractive and unique coastal landscape, good accessibility by car and by plane and interesting investment aspects are other good reasons for buying a property in Croatia.

Read here: Reasons for purchasing real estate in Croatia.

Buying seafront houses, apartments or land plots in Croatia

Who would not dream of an own property in Croatia on the seafront - preferably with private beach, swimming pool and sun terrace?  Much of this is possible - we offer a wide range of a properties in Croatia in the first or second line by the sea.

Speaking about the privacy of a beach, we should bear in mind, that in Croatia -as a general principle - there is public access to all seashores.

However, there are geographically-related characteristics that make beaches of some properties very "private" - also there are owners (Croatian and foreigners) who are placing signs or barriers to keep accesses to 'their' beaches as private as possible.

Also, every owner of a property close to the sea  should be conscious to take some salt-eliminating measures from time to time. Obviously we have also to take into account the property's position relative to the sea level - less because of the tides, but more because of the wind and waves, particularly in the winter months.

As Panorama Scouting's concept consists in offering you properties with panoramic sea view, it goes without saying that we have many objects - apartments, houses, villas and land plots in the first row to the sea. Just have a look at and enjoy our offer!

Buying a flat or an apartment in Croatia

You are looking to buy a flat or an apartment in Croatia?
Enjoy our offer. All apartments and flats you can find here » Apartments

it is really attractive to buy a house or an apartment in Croatia. - especially for those investors or private persons who are looking to avoid the extremely high prices for real estate in their home countries.

Properties with sea view and a seafront location are the trend in Croatia and will probably increase value steadily. Croatia is a member of the European Union, the medium and longterm economic outlook is good.

Real Estate in Croatia:  Istria

Istria - the largest peninsula in the northern Adriatic - is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe.

It's not only because of Istria's long coastline (537km), or due to the proximity to Italy, Austria and Germany and its pleasant climatic conditions - Istria attracts many tourists with approximately 2380 hours of sunshine per year.

The summers are neither too hot nor too dry in Istria, the winters offer rather mild temperatures, especially in the coastal regions. Demand for real estate in Istria is increasing from year to year.

You can find all our properties in the region of Istria using our search on the top of the website.

Buying Real Estate in Croatia

You consider to buy Real Estate in Croatia?

We might be in the right position to help you. You will find properties in Croatia in all price ranges in our offer - all of them with sea view and at the waterfront. If you should not find a suitable property in our offer, just contact us and tell us about your 'dream home'. We have many properties in Croatia from our partners that are not (yet) published here. Contact us also it you are looking for an object that does not necessarily need sea view - we have also clients who are just looking for a home that is not too far from the sea!

As outlined above, we have access to an enormous pool of properties of our partners in Croatia - with numerous very interesting properties without sea view, that however can be very close to the sea! Please also take a look on our guide how to buy real estate in Croatia

You can find here all of our houses and villas: » Houses / Villas
Apartment with sea view in Croatia - Panorama Scouting Real Estate.
Price: 229.000 EUR
Omis Riviera, Dalmatia: Apartment with Community Pool
Real Estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 193.600 EUR
Pula Region, Istria: High Quality Apartments with Sea Views
The view from the upper floor of the new luxury villa for sale near Porec, Istria. Property with sea view - Panorama Scouting
Price: 670.000 EUR
Porec Region, Istria: Modern Luxury Villa, Privacy, Pool
House in Croatia for sale - Island Krk region in Kvarner Bay - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 720.000 EUR
Malinska, Krk Island: Modern Villa with Pool and Sea View
Croatia Real Estate by the Sea - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 1.200.000 EUR
Trogir Region: High-End-Villa by the Sea in a Peaceful Location
Buy Luxury Villas in Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 2.250.000 EUR
Umag Region, Istria: Exclusive Villa with Privacy
So is the sea view from one of the covered sun terraces of the luxury villa by the sea in Croatia
Price: 1.500.000 EUR
Starigrad, Dalmatia: Luxury Villa in traditional Style
Buy house with several apartments in Croatia by the sea.
Price: 1.160.000 EUR
Petrcane, Zadar Region: House with 4 Apartments by the Sea
Buy a house in the Zadar (Croatia) region, near Maslenica in Dalmatia.
Price: 275.000 EUR
Maslenica, Zadar Region: Modern House with Sea Views
Modern villa with sea view in Croatia for sale.
Price: 395.000 EUR
Vodice, Dalmatia: New Villa with Sea Views
Real estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 440.000 EUR
Region of Karlobag: Seafront Home in a Peaceful Location
New apartment on the island of Krk in northern Croatia for sale - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 265.000 EUR
Malinska, Island Krk: New Apartment on the Top Floor
Property for sale in Croatia - Villa in Makarska for sale - H428 Panorama Scouting.
Price: 700.000 EUR
Makarska, Dalmatia: Modern Villa with Pool and Sea Views
Buy modern apartments with sea view in Croatia with Panorama Scouting.
Price: 399.000 EUR
Opatija, Kvarner Bay: New Apartment with Sea Views
House in Croatia for sale - Nin region in North Dalmatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 500.000 EUR
Nin Region, Dalmatia: Modern Villa with Pool near the Sea
Buy new apartment by the sea in Croatia.
Price: 485.000 EUR
Novi Vinodolski Region: New Apartment by the Sea
Villa for sale in Croatia - Panorama Scouting GmbH, real estate in Croatia.
Price: 1.100.000 EUR
Ciovo Island, Dalmatia: Modern Villa with Infinity Pool
Real Estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 590.000 EUR
Split region, Dalmatia: Modern New Villa, Swimming Pool
Luxury villa with pool in Istria in the north of Croatia for sale.
Price: 2.450.000 EUR
Porec Region, Istria: Luxurious Villa with Indoor Pool
Real Estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting GmbH.
Price: 520.000 EUR
Zadar City Center, Dalmatia: Luxury Apartment by the Sea
Real estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 155.000 EUR
Murter Island, Dalmatia: Apartment with Community Pool
Exclusive luxury villa with glass fronts for sale at Crikvenica in Croatia.
Price: 849.000 EUR
Crikvenica, Kvarner Bay: Villa in a quiet Location
The sea view from the roof terrace of the penthouse for sale in Croatia, Murter. Property by the sea - Panorama Scouting
Price: Price on request
Island Murter, Dalmatia: New Penthouse on the Seafront
Real Estate Croatia - modern and newly built Villa on Krk Island, H1373.
Price: 550.000 EUR
Malinska Region, Island of Krk: Villa with Swimming Pool
Apartments for sale in a new building near the sea in Croatia - Panorama Scouting Gmbh.
Price: 120.000 EUR
Nin Region, Dalmatia: Modern Apartments near the Sea
Real Estate Croatia.
Price: 280.000 EUR
Ciovo Island, Dalmatia: Duplex Apartment with Community Pool
Property by the sea Croatia.
Price: 290.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: House in the 1st Row, Boat Mooring
Real Estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 1.500.000 EUR
Island Brac, Dalmatia: Modern Luxury Villa with Sea Views
Real Estate Croatia - Buy a house in Istria.
Price: 599.000 EUR
Region Porec, Istria: Furnished House with Sea Views

Advantages of buying real estate in Croatia

Why buy real estate in Croatia? There are a number of good reasons to buy a property on the coast of Croatia:

1. General and "soft" factors:

- A tourist-minded population, mostly friendly and welcoming foreigners from abroad, who benefits greatly from tourism without many hotel bed castles, and who speaks frequently English.

- Very scenic landscapes (approx. 1,500 km of coastline on the mainland and islands), where the sea (dolphins) and mountains (wild horses, bears and wolves) are literally very close to each other, as well as hundreds of islands of different characters with best opportunities for water sports (yachting , sailing, diving), hiking and climbing.

- Little industry – resulting in best air and water quality. Problems are usually not troubled water, but rather sea urchins living only with best water quality.

- Accessibility: due its proximity to Central Europe, Croatia can be reached quickly by car on the good, low-toll domestic motorways. Flight connections to nodes such as Split, Zadar, Pula and Rijeka have also improved significantly. A number of islands (incl. Losinj, Korcula, Brac) are having / expanding airports.

2. Investment aspects:

If you consider investing your money in real estate. resp. "concrete gold" in times of low interest rates and high prices ("real estate bubbles") within your country of origin, then buying a house or apartment in Croatia is a worthwhile alternative.

Buying a property in Croatia scores with its own combination of accessibility, price and security compared to Vacation properties in other Mediterranean countries.

Accessibility: If you are from Europe, and want to transport your favorite coffee maker, picture or other personal belongings from home in your new property in Croatia, just take the car instead of paying expensive special fees on the plane.

Price: Even though real estate prices on the coast have increased noticeably (sometimes just under 20%) in the last 3 years, they are still “by worlds” cheaper than in other Mediterranean countries with comparable landscape prices.

Security: The crime rate in Croatia (including street and burglary crime) is among the very lowest in Europe; Security steel in front of the ground floor windows and garage-"bunkers" are not yet "first duty of homeowners", as in various other Mediterranean countries. In many respects, the world here is still “relatively okay”.

In the meantime, EU citizens are equal to Croatians in most respects, when it comes to buying property. For Non-EU citizens, special conditions apply: Croatia has bilateral contracts with many other countries enabling property purchases. Since the country's EU membership, the land register and cadastral system has been setup in a quite modern and transparent way, furthermore, a whole range of skilled / specialized lawyers for real estate purchases and licensed agencies / realtors are on hand. Non-EU countries around the Mediterranean or even EU-Greece would dream of this security.

Aspects for self-users: Those whose holiday plans have to respect school holidays avoid the annoying search for accommodation in the frequently booked summer months.

Emigrants: If you want to emigrate, you will find a relatively inexpensive and yet "near" property here, where the - maybe temporary - way back to your home country is still manageable.

Aspects for investors: If you want to let your new home for rent on the coast in Croatia resp. consider it an investment, the following additional factors are important:

a. Revenue side: Return on rental income: usually around 4-7% / year is reported (full rental period).Value increase: apart from temporary exceptional situations (Corona), you’ll find here a combination of: moderate m² prices, not too much expansion of the offer (new buildings), plus growth in coastal tourism, plus soon membership in the euro. Excellent chances that your property in Croatia will be more valuable in the foreseeable future than at the time of purchase.

b. Cost side: You should expect about 8-10% of ancillary purchase costs (when buying as a private person) – everything included.

- relatively low taxes on rental income: around € 40 / bed / year
- relatively low ongoing cost factors such as taxes (approx. € 1.50-2.50 / m²) and electricity (approx. 50% of e.g. German level)

The bottom line: Real estate in Croatia can be good, safe and close geographical investment alternatives in an EU country on the Mediterranean.