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Panorama Scouting offers a large selection of property in Primosten and Rogoznica directly at the seafront or with sea view

The hillside town Primosten is situated on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia 20 km south of Sibenik on a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge and a causeway. This enchanting place has only about 2 800 inhabitants but is famous for its dry-stone walls, its beautiful olive groves and its huge vineyards plots. The best wine of the Sibenik region the Babic is produced here. North of town you can escape the heat in midsummer and find recreation and relaxation in the wooden promontory. Primosten is also well-known for its donkey race that takes place every summer and its traditional folklore festival that shows Croatian cultural identity and the former way of living in the village in a landscape that has changed little for centuries. It had already been inhabited in prehistoric times and later the Bosnians who had fled from the Turks settled down here. Under the reign of Venice, the wall around the town was built that can still be admired on a walk on the seafront around the old town. The Mediterranean old stone houses along the narrow and cobbled alleys take the visitors back in historic times and seem to tell them stories of the past and the families who have lived here. Worth seeing is also the silver Madonna icon and the baroque altear in the parish church SV. Juraj which was built in the 15th century on the top of the hill and was restored in 1760. From the graveyard in front of the church you have a spectacular view of the azure Adriatic Sea and the surroundings. Restaurants offer a great choice of Mediterranean culinary highlights especially freshly caught grilled fish and seafood and of course the house wine Babic. The beaches Raduca and Mala Raduca which was voted one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Croatia are famous for their crystal-clear water and good equipment. On excellent cycle tracks you can explore the surroundings of Primosten and enjoy the wonders and adventures of nature on trips to the natural parks Krka and the Kornati.

The popular tourist destination Rogoznica with its about 2 400 inhabitants is situated only a few kilometres south of Primosten and lying in a bay it is well-protected from the wind. The former fishing village has evolved into a paradise for a seaside holiday with lonely bays and excellent beaches like the gently sloping Sepurine beach with its crystal-clear water and white pebbles especially popular with young families. The well-equipped Miline beach offers showers and different sports activities, cafes and restaurants near by invite to an ice-cream or a snack. The well-known Marina Frapa attracts the visitors´ attention with its luxury yachts and numerous boats. From here you can explore the Adriatic Sea with your own or hired boat or yacht.

The modern part of Rogoznica belonging to the mainland is connected to the urban centre - located on the isle of Kopara by a causeway. The romantic narrow alleys, traditional stone houses cafes and small restaurants of contribute to the Mediterranean atmosphere of the old town and remind of the traditional life in the past.

All our properties in Primosten and Rogoznica are located directly at the seaside or have sea views. The prices in this region are still at a medium level.

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The sea view from the building plot for sale in Rogoznica, Dalmatia. Property with sea view - Panorama Scouting
Price: 270.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Large Building Plot Near the Sea
Modern villa in Dalmatia for sale - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 800.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Modern Villa with Swimming Pool
New building in Croatia for sale.
Price: 650.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia Region: Semi-Detached Houses with Pool
The extensive view of the sea and the Mediterranean landscape from the building plot in Rogoznica, as is for sale.
Price: 860.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: large plot with panoramic views
Real Estate Croatia.
Price: 1.260.000 EUR
Primosten, Dalmatia: Modern New Villa with Sea Views
Villa in the 2nd row to the sea at Rogoznica in Croatia.
Price: 1.430.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Modern Villa with Sea Views
Land for sale in Rogoznica, Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 499.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Large Building Plot with Sea Views
Luxury villa with infinity swimming pool and sea view in Rogoznica, Croatia for sale - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 1.200.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Luxurious Villa with Infinity Pool
Apartment for sale Croatia, North Dalmatia, Primosten / Rogoznica - Panorama Scouting Properties A2449, Price: 320.000 EUR - Image 1
Price: 320.000 EUR
Rogoznica Area, Dalmatia: Modern Apartment with Roof Terrace
Luxury villa for sale in Croatia - Rogoznica region in North Dalmatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 2.600.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region: Modern Villa in the 1st Row to the Sea
House for sale Croatia, North Dalmatia, Primosten / Rogoznica - Panorama Scouting Properties H2247, Price: 0 EUR - Image 1
Price: Price on request
Rogoznica: Mediterranean Luxury Villa with Pool near the Sea
Buy a house by the sea Croatia - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 1.300.000 EUR
Rogoznica Area, Dalmatia: Seafront House with 3 Apartments
Buy a house Rogoznica, Croatia - Panorama Scouting H2435.
Price: 590.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Spacious House with Sea Views and Pool
Apartment buildings in Croatia - Panorama Scouting Properties.
Price: 1.190.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region, Dalmatia: House with 4 Apartments
House for sale Croatia, North Dalmatia, Primosten / Rogoznica - Panorama Scouting Properties H2121, Price: 1.800.000 EUR - Image 1
Price: Price on request
Region Rogoznica: Villa with Four Apartments directly by the Sea
House for sale Croatia, North Dalmatia, Primosten / Rogoznica - Panorama Scouting Properties H2015, Price: 1.650.000 EUR - Image 1
Price: 1.550.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region, Dalmatia: Modern Luxury Villa near the Sea
Luxury property H1992 near Rogoznica in Croatia for sale - Panorama Scouting.
Price: 1.480.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region: Modern Villa with Infinity Swimming Pool
Buy apartment house in Croatia - Panorama Scouting H2547.
Price: 1.300.000 EUR
Rogoznica, Dalmatia: Seafront Apartment House
Real estate for sale Croatia - Panorama Scouting Villa H2483.
Price: 1.190.000 EUR
Rogoznica Area: Modern Villa with Panoramic Sea View and Pool
Buy a house by the sea in Primosten, Croatia - Panorama Scouting H2634.
Price: Price on request
Primosten, Dalmatia: House in the First Row to the Sea
Apartment for sale Croatia, North Dalmatia, Primosten / Rogoznica - Panorama Scouting Properties A2448, Price: 282.270 EUR - Image 1
Price: 282.270 EUR
Primosten, Dalmatia: Modern Apartments with Sea Views
Buy a Mediterranean house by the sea - Panorama Scouting H1917.
Price: 700.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region, Dalmatia: Mediterranean Seafront House
Apartment house with sea view - panoramic sea view H2778
Price: 999.000 EUR
Primosten: Apartment House with 6 residential Units and Sea View
Beautiful villas in a fantastic location by the sea - H2749
Price: Price on request
Region of Primosten, Dalmatia: State-of-the-art Seafront Villas
New building with pool and sea view in Rogoznica, H2243 - Panorama Scouting
Price: 400.000 EUR
Rogoznica Region: Mediterranean House with Pool and Sea Views