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You are looking for a real estate in Croatia, and have too little time to search for the property of your dreams on your own? Let us search for you! Panorama Scouting is your partner on the way to your dream property on the Adriatic coast. In case of success only (if you sign a purchase contract) you pay the normal agency commission of 3.75% (incl. VAT.) If we do not find a suitable property for you our service is free for you!

Searching the right property
We are searching for you our own property pool as well as offers of our partners - ie reputated Croatian local agencies and individuals. In this search we always pay attention to your ideas and wishes. So do not be shy, just tell us what your ideas are. We aim to make your wishes possible. Our search is based on existing contacts made and thus can be started quickly and won't take too long..

Personlized list of offers
After or as well during the current search we will put together a list of properties that may be of interest to you. Especially in this case - but also in other areas of our services - we appreciate fast and simple communication! We look forward to your feedback!

We bring you into contact
If you are interested in a specific property, we bring you into contact with competent local people in Croatia. You can then either connect directly to the person "in task" and make an appointment for a viewing or we do it for you.
Of course you pay only once an agency's commission - and only in case of success - ie when a purchase contract is concluded! It goes without saying that our service is free of charge if we should not find the right property for you.

Organization of the viewing:
Here we can help when it comes to visit appointments, route optimization or finding accommodation - if you wish so. Of course free of charge!

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