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Are you looking for flats / apartments in Croatia? Panorama Scouting is your partner on the way to own an apartments in Croatia. The Panorama Scouting concept means that we offer you exclusively apartments and flats with sea view! You want us to conduct a search for the apartments of your dreams with our partners in Croatia? Please contact us!Apartments and flats in all price classes.
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Last updated: 04-18-2019

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A1211 | Region Crikvenica: New Apartment near the Sea
Living Area: approx. 65 m² | Sea view: Yes 242.000 €

New apartment with sea views in Njivice, Croatia for sale.  104 m² apartment with sea view for sale in Croatia.  Terrace of the apartment A1243 in Croatia with sea view.
A1243 | Njivice, Island Krk: Newly built Apartment with Sea View
Living Area: approx. 104 m² | Sea view: Yes 258.000 €

Apartment in Croatia in Biograd na Moru for sale.  Apartment with balcony and sea view in Dalmatia to buy.  Kitchen.
A1245 | Biograd, Dalmatia: Apartment with Sea Views in the Attic
Living Area: approx. 76 m² | Sea view: Yes 130.000 €

Dalmatia Real Estate, Dubrovnik Region - Panorama Scouting.  Buy new apartments by the sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Apartments in the Dubrovnik region for sale - Panorama Scouting.
A1130 | Dubrovnik Region: New Apartments with Boat Mooring
Living Area: approx. 72 m² | Sea view: Yes 238.900 €
  • Living Area: approx. 72 m²
  • Sea View: Yes
  • Status: For Sale

Modern apartment on the ground floor in Croatia for sale.  Living area and terrace.  Hall and Eigang - view of the terrace and the countryside.
A1242 | Island Krk: Modern Apartment on the Ground Floor with Pool
Living Area: approx. 56 m² | Sea view: Yes 162.000 €

Apartment near Split in Dalmatia for sale.  Property by the sea in Croatia, Split region.  Apartment near the sea in Croatia for sale.
A1241 | Split Region: Apartment with Use of Hotelcomplex Amenities
Living Area: approx. 66 m² | Sea view: Yes 199.000 €

Real Estate Croatia - Panorama Scouting.  Apartments with sea view in Istria for sale - Panorama Scouting.  Beautiful sea view of the property A771 near Medulin in Istria for sale.
A771 | Region Medulin, Istria: Apartment with Sea Views
Living Area: approx. 150 m² | Sea view: Yes 487.500 €

Apartment for sale on the island of Krk in the northern part of Croatia.  Covered balcony of the Wohunng A1238 on the island Krk, Kvarner bay.  Living room.
A1238 | Soline, Island Krk: Affordable Apartment with Furniture
Living Area: approx. 40 m² | Sea view: Yes 94.000 €

Apartment near the sea / beach in Croatia for sale - Panorama Scouting.  Property by the sea / beach in Croatia for sale.  Apartment with a large roof terrace in the first sea line near Zadar.
A968 | Privlaka: Seafront Duplex Apartment with large Terrace
Living Area: about 108 m² | Sea view: Yes 320.000 €

Apartment in the 1st row to the sea in Baska in Croatia for sale.  Apartment in the attic in Baska on the island of Krk in northern Croatia for sale.  Real estate on the island of Krk in Baska - Panorama Scouting.
A1237 | Baska, Island Krk: Top Floor Apartment on the Seafront
Living Area: approx. 40 m² | Sea view: Yes 110.000 €

Apartments in Diklo in Zadar in Croatia for sale.  Partial sea views of the property A1236.  Terrace with dining area.
A1236 | Zadar, Diklo: 2 Apartments near the Sea
Living Area: approx. 151 m² | Sea view: Yes 280.000 €

Apartment with sea views in Istria near Novigrad for sale - Panorama Scouting.  Balcony of the property A782 near Novigrad in Istria - Panorama Scouting.  Apartment with pool for sale in Istria.
A782 | Region Porec, Istria: Apartment with Swimming Pool
Living Area: approx. 44 m² | Sea view: Yes 147.000 €

The beach in front of the house from the apartment A1235 on Vir, which is for sale. Property by the sea - Panorama Scouting  The house by the sea on Vir with the apartments for sale on the ground floor and first floor  The new apartments in the apartment house on Vir are located directly on the sea and beach.
A1235 | Island of Vir, Dalmatia: New Seafront Apartments, 3 Rooms
Living Area: approx. 54 m² | Sea view: Yes 130.000 €

Apartments by the sea in the Dubrovnik region Croatia for sale.  Property by the sea in Croatia - Panorama Scouting GmbH.  Bedroom of the apartment A1234 directly on the sea in Dalmatia.
A1234 | Klek Region, Southern Dalmatia: 2 Seafront Apartments
Living Area: approx. 62 m² | Sea view: Yes 140.000 €

Furnished apartment in Vrbnik on the island of Krk for sale.  Property on the island of Krk with sea views.  Balcony with sea view of the property A1233 on the island of Krk in Vrbnik.
A1233 | Vrbnik: Apartment overlooking the Old Town and the Sea
Living Area: approx. 57 m² | Sea view: Yes 124.500 €

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